Eve’s Son Wilde Wolf Is 2: ‘My Baby Is A Big Boy!’

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Eve’s Son Wilde Wolf Is 2: 'My Baby Is A Big Boy!'


Eve’s son Wilde Wolf just turned two years old and we can’t tell you where the time has gone if you’re as shocked as we are.

The rapper, 45, shared her excitement on Instagram in a post dedicated to her little one.

“I can’t believe we’re here already!!!” she wrote in the caption. “My baby is a big boy!!! Already 2 years old. I look at you and think, how did I get so lucky?!?! Beyond grateful, our #beautifulboy @mrgumball3000 ❤️ #happy2ndbirthday.”

This is Eve’s first child and she shares him with her husband Maximillion Cooper. They’ve been married since June 2014 and dated for around four years before tying the knot.

The very successful entrepreneur also wished his youngest son a happy birthday on Instagram.

“That’s my boy with the curly hair… Wilde turns 2 today! Happy Birthday Wilde we all love you so much… let’s paaaaaarty! 🎂🦖🥤❤️🎈🦕,” the proud dad, 51, wrote in a caption under a video of moments from the birthday boy’s first two years. Cooper also has four other children from a previous marriage.

It makes sense that the couple are showing so much gratitude for Wilde considering becoming a mother wasn’t an easy journey for Eve. She’s been open about past struggles on multiple occasions, especially during her time as a host on The Talk. She shared that fibroids contributed to her infertility issues.

In November 2020, she said that she and Cooper had been trying to conceive and that she’d be having a procedure called a myomectomy to remove her fibroids.

Less than a year later, in October 2021, she announced that the couple were expecting.

She gave birth to her little twin this time two years ago and is glad that she had a child later in life, at 43.

“I’m happy, to be honest, that I’m an older mom. I had a lot of things that I think I would have definitely unintentionally passed on,” she said during an interview on BBC Radio as part of Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers show. “Because I believe in that familial breaking of things, I do believe all of that and I feel like I needed to shed some things before I had a kid.”

She also encourages other women not to feel like rushed in their desires to have a child.

“It’s not over. When I talk to some of my friends, mid-thirties, they’ve frozen their eggs and things, I’m like, don’t stress yourself. Do not stress yourself. You are good. You have time,” she said, noting that doing things later in life has brought her more peace. “They make us feel like, hurry up! ‘Why you not married? Why you ain’t got no kids yet?’ I feel I have the patience as well. I’m not chasing nothing.”

We’re glad she’s been able to realize her dream of becoming a mom and can enjoy all the joy that comes with the job. Happy 2nd birthday to Wilde!

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