9 Fierce Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week

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9 Fierce Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week

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This week, our Instagram feed was flooded with raw, uncut, and fierce beauty moments. Post couture week, celebrities opted for skin-toned lipsticks and light coverage foundation to give the illusion of makeup-free skin. On the other hand, leading up to Grammy’s weekend, some were quite literally in their makeup bag, pulling exaggerated matte reds and talon-sharp nails to end the week.

To start light, Rihanna had a night out in Paris with a light brown hairstyle which framed her thinned out brows and neutral pink lips like a picture. On a similar note, model Tina Kunakey attended the Jaquemus fashion show without eyeliner, but with thick, natural brows sculpted below a slicked back, bow-tied hairdo. Kelly Rowland reminisced about her night, showing off her soft beat: complete with glowing bronzer, chestnut lips, and peach-maroon shadows.

But then, the looks intensified. Chloe Bailey transformed into a cheetah, crawling on a red carpet with orange, half-braided, and teased hair. She also rocked double-winged jet black eyeliner, sharp brows, and angled nails to match. Megan Thee Stallion was out for blood, in razor cut bangs and red stiletto nails paired with the most bold lip of the week: black liner with matte red lipstick. To round out all the looks, model Precious Lee wore her hair tousled into an updo, with just a touch of lip gloss to end the week.

Below, scroll through the celebrity beauty inspiration that took over out Instagram feed.

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