The Sweetest Photos Of Halle Berry And Van Hunt

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The Sweetest Photos Of Halle Berry And Van Hunt

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Halle Berry hasn’t stopped smiling since she met her man musician Van Hunt, 53. The actress, 57, has had her share of public relationships and breakups, but she seems to have found her person this time around. It was quite evident in video he recently shared of them jamming together at a concert like they were the only people in the place. You love to see it:

When did this romance begin? The couple confirmed their relationship in September 2020; while the world was locked down and in quarantine due to COVID, the two were bonding virtually. They got to know each other for four months over the phone Berry told AARP. 

“We were forced to let only our brains connect and discover if we had a connection before our bodies decided to get involved,” she said. “I’d never done it this way. I fell in love with his mind, his conversation.”

The couple’s relationship reveal was a photo the Catwoman actress posted on Instagram with her rocking the crooner’s tour merchandise.

Berry has had nothing but loving things to say about her man over the years and gushes about how he makes her a better woman. 

“When you’re loved and supported as a woman, everything changes,” Berry told Extra in November 2021. “The day looks brighter, everything looks better. Your opportunity seems limitless.”

That same year, the two celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together and they went all out in matching PJs. Berry shared moments front heir romantic festivities and also a message of encouragement for those hoping to also find their person.

“To all the Valentines who may be struggling to get it right … I feel you, but never give up and NEVER SETTLE for less than what makes your heart sing!” she wrote. “No matter what they say or what they call you. No matter how many times you try, it’s always worth it. If you desire love, you will find your match, your equal … your person … even if it takes you until you’re 54!”

In case you’re wondering, he has met the actress’s kids–she has a daughter Nahla, 15, and son Maceo, 9. Van also has one child, a son named Drake.

Looking back at the icon’s dating history, she was married to her son Maceo’s father, Olivier Martinez for two years before she filed for divorce in 2015. That was the beginning of an eight-year divorce, which was finalized last year. The actress has also been married to former MLB star David Justice and singer-songwriter Eric Benét.

Berry seems to know this relationship is different from the others since she’s publicly referred to Hunt as the love of her life–a title that holds much weight. She called him this during the 4th Annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television, where she accepted the career achievement award.

During her acceptance speech, the Bruised actress first joked that everyone had watched her “painful journey” with love, but that they also watched her find the love of her life.

“Because I failed so many times, I now know what [love] really looks like,” she said. “And so my partner is here tonight, Van, and you have supported me.”

This is a love we hope continues to wax strong. Here are some of the cutest pictures of Berry and her beau.

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