Product of the Week: ZitSticka Dark Spot Microdart Patch

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Product of the Week: ZitSticka Dark Spot Microdart Patch


In an industry where there is an overwhelming amount of product launches daily, Product Of The Week helps you cut through the noise. To help you find your new beauty and wellness favorites, this series highlights the tried-and-true products that our writers can’t live without. 

Don’t let dark spots overshadow your skin. With darker skin more prone to hyperpigmentation, the result of a breakout may feel like more than just a zit. Finding a solution designed to target our most stubborn skin concerns is key to a complete skincare ritual. That said, I turned to ZitSticka’s HYPERFADE™ Dark spot microdart patches to help even out my facial tone. 

ZitSticka is a skincare brand for zits. From blind pimples to dark spots, ZitSticka offers supplements, patches, masks, and body care for every stage of your blemish. As someone who falls victim to regular post-breakout hyperpigmentation, I ordered the HYPERFADE™ patch as the solution to my stubborn dark spots. The patch is more expensive, at $34 for 12 micro darts, than other pimple patches– like Starface and Mighty Patch, which are about $12 dollars for over 30 patches– but this is because ZitSticka’s HYPERFADE™ is not just a regular hydrocolloid patch. 

This specific patch is designed to target your post-breakout skin damage, blurring the appearance of dark spots after your zit has run its course. It does so via 24 self-dissolving micro darts which melt into your skin within two hours of application. After you cleanse your skin, apply the patch (which is housed in an extremely sturdy case, might I add), which you should leave on for at least two hours (and can leave on overnight). 

Once in contact with the problem spot, the dart releases brightening and skin cell regenerating ingredients– like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C– fading the appearance of dark spots from the inside-out. They recommend using the patch every three days for two weeks (or until the spot has faded to your liking). 

With a promise to see results two weeks after use, ZitSticka says 87% of users found the appearance of post-zit damage faded significantly after using HYPERFADE™. They offer the option to purchase the dart as a 12-pack or 4-pack, so for people with many post-breakout dark spots it may be difficult to target each mark without buying multiple packs.

I decided to purchase the 12-pack and noticed results after the second dart. I also paired the product with other zit solutions ZitSticka offers: the MoodFood Hormone-Balancing PMS Gummy, BLUR POTION™ Dark spot brightening supplement, and KILLA™ Kit microdart patch for blind pimples. Overall, I would recommend HYPERFADE™ as an effective, high-quality solution to stubborn dark spots– especially if you’re all in for investing in the health and appearance of your skin.

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