Artful Collages with Leather, Bows & Knits

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LOEWE Fall Winter 2024 Collection Men

In the LOEWE fall-winter 2024 collection, “Collages and Illusions,” creative director Jonathan Anderson forges a dialogue between fashion and art through a vibrant collaboration with American artist Richard Hawkins.

The collection is a meticulous study of textile artistry, notably pieces like the trousers emblazoned with Hawkins’ collage artistry.

The beaded embroidery creates a textured canvas that brings the narrative of layered images to life, each bead a pixel in a larger image of colorful storytelling.

Anderson’s ingenuity shines in the collection, seamlessly integrating socks into the designs of shoes and trousers, reflecting the season’s collage theme. Similarly, the half-belt sewn onto jeans extends the collage concept for a dynamic aesthetic.

LOEWE Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

Leather coats and other statement pieces with bows offer a soft contradiction; their masculine form is twisted with oversized, floppy bows—a playful addition that challenges traditional menswear structures.

Meanwhile, elongated cardigans and sweaters, appearing almost as a protective layer, engage with the theme of a tactile collage; each thread is woven into a larger image of comfort and casual elegance.

LOEWE’s new collection is a testimony to the power of clothing as a medium for artistic expression, each piece a component in a larger, more intricate image that speaks to the observer, inviting them to discern the individual stories interwoven within.

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