Ultraviolet Visions, The Organic Synthetic

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Y 3 Fall Winter 2024 Men

Y-3’s fall-winter 2024 collection is an ode to the fusion of organic and synthetic, weaving a narrative of contrasts. The brand delves deeper into the Contra-Natural theme established last season to create a series of ensembles that exude a futuristic edge while staying rooted in the natural world.

The first chapter of the collection showcases knitwear with translucent elements, blending visibility with concealment. An asymmetrical top, a vest, and a track top are highlighted, all featuring see-through panels that play with the concept of exposure.

Moving into the second chapter, Y-3 revitalizes its staples with an ultraviolet bird graphic, adding a vibrant touch to the classic black-and-white palette. The graphic adds a jolt of energy amidst the monochrome, energizing the pieces with a sense of life and movement.

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

The final chapter of the collection introduces an experimental approach to prints. It features a tie-dye finish on a woven nylon base with a flock print that gives the pieces a tactile dimension—offering a unique blend of texture and pattern.

The footwear accompanying this collection includes a variety of styles, such as the Y-3 Japan, Y-3 Ultraboost 5, Y-3 Pro Model, and Y-3 Nizza. Each contributes to the aesthetic of high fashion meets high function. These designs reinforce the collection’s central theme: a dialogue between the evolved and the natural, the established and the experimental.

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