Ami Colé’s Latest Product Will Give You A Lit-From-Within Glow

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Ami Colé’s Latest Product Will Give You A Lit-From-Within Glow

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“Our latest launch is inspired by our community,” Ami Colé founder, Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye tells ESSENCE. After posting a mood board full of rich, natural complexions on Instagram a week before the launch, N’Diaye-Mbaye gave a sneak peek into what their followers wanted. “Similar to the mood board, our community wanted just that– a complexion product that provided a bit more coverage but still gave that ‘your skin, but better’ finish.” 

Which is why the beauty brand’s new Skin-Enhancing Stick is the latest to join their top-selling Skin Enhancing complexion suite. Following their previous launch back in October, Ami Colé turned to their community for help again, referencing “direct feedback from our customers and data from our top selling shades to build out our complexion options with different skin tones, types, and undertones in mind,” N’Diaye-Mbaye says. After years of development, they released the stick as their latest solution to match your real-skin tone.

However, this latest product did not come easily. “Skin-Enhancing Stick has been our longest case study to date,” she says. But throughout the past three years, “we learned that more than 50% of our customers have oilier skin, wanted medium-full coverage to cover hyperpigmentation, and might have been curious, but a bit intimidated by the Skin-Enhancing Tint.” Now, the Skin-Enhancing Stick’s precise match formula allows the Ami Colé community to feel a “glow from within” finish without clouding your natural features. 

In the spirit of helping others look and feel their best, they formulated the stick with similar ingredients as their other skin enhancing products, including their signature skin-nurturing oil Baobab Seed Extract and antioxidant-rich Hibiscus Flower Extract. “We are proud to pull ingredient inspiration from our native West African roots,” citing the use of Shea Butter as a key inclusion for nourished, supple skin. 

Noticing the face value “inclusivity” of the beauty industry, Ami Colé continues to address the actual concerns of deeper skin tones. “When we say inclusivity, we are referencing the skin base category, we are not just discussing shade offerings, but nuanced and careful undertone curation as well,” N’Diaye-Mbaye says. “We are very excited to continue to grow the brand with core and quality essentials,” she adds. “The possibilities are endless.”

Ami Colé’s Latest Product Will Give You A Lit-From-Within Glow

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