Building Your Robert Alton Jewelry Collection: Our 13 Favorites in 2024

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Jewelry is arguably the most thought-of accessory when planning to elevate an outfit. The more versatile your collection, the further those quality investments will go, raising your ‘fit game in the process. A small collection of a few staple pieces such as chains, bracelets or rings can transform even your go-to errand outfit to an Instagram-ready ‘fit full of personality.

The good news is that there is an abundant selection of men’s jewelry brands to choose from. Whether you’re a newbie to the game of accessories or a seasoned pro, the pieces produced by Robert Alton Jewelry definitely deserve your attention and consideration.

About Robert Alton 

This LA brand specializes in producing affordable quality jewelry that can withstand everyday use. Its look is inspired by architecture, culture, and urban life – arguably the pinnacles of fashion. While a portion of Robert Alton’s jewelry collection consists of statement pieces, the brand also offers a wide range of more minimal chains, rings, and bracelets for those looking to achieve a more understated aesthetic.

Robert Alton’s commitment to durability and everyday use is shown through their choice of metals. They utilize tungsten, cobalt, and highly polished surgical-grade stainless steel – all great at holding up against even the most intense adventures. Regarding the diamonds used in their pieces, the brand has ensured that they tick all of the requisite boxes of the famous ‘4 Cs’ (carat, cut, clarity, and color). With a commitment to quality and durability at the forefront of this brand, you know your money is invested in the right place.

Key Takeaways

Robert Alton has all the bases covered from a jewelry perspective – chains, pendants, bracelets, and even wedding bands, all at relatively affordable prices. They’ve created a ready one-stop shop for any of your jewelry needs.

The quality of the materials employed in crafting each piece not only ensures longevity but also durability, meaning you’ll have a beautiful piece on day one or day 1,000. Keep reading for my favorite pieces from the brand’s full collection below.

Our Favorite Robert Alton Pieces

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Robert Alton’s range of bracelets is particularly varied with some really cool creative designs crafted from a variety of metals and finished to a very high standard. It was hard to narrow it down but here are my top 5.

The Stainless Steel Link Bracelet with White Diamonds

A great deal of Robert Alton’s bracelets are moto-inspired, especially their Stainless Steel Link Bracelet. In my mind, it resembles the motorcycle chains from vintage cafe racer bikes. Crafted from stainless steel, the central links of the bracelet are set with 11 subtle but sparkling white diamonds to catch the eye.

The construction of this bracelet is both dressy and interesting, and the design is definitely a conversation starter. Featuring a secure clasp, this diamond bracelet could be worn with a formal outfit or a casual leather jacket and dark jeans combo.

This piece will ultimately work best for someone who’s looking for a piece that will work from morning to night, the set-it-and-forget type of accessoriser, if you will.

The Stainless Steel with Black Finish Link Bracelet

Along the same lines as the diamond bracelet above, this is a mechanical-looking piece with black pins between each of the links for an engine-inspired vibe. In fact, unless you’re taking this to your mechanic, I don’t think you could tell the difference. Be sure not to set it down in the body shop!

The black pins between each link add some contrast to this otherwise stainless steel bracelet.

Being stainless steel, this bracelet is perfect for everyday use and would look great paired with a tee shirt, leather jacket, and jeans.

The Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbon Fibre Bracelet

This tungsten bracelet is more minimal than the link bracelets mentioned above, complete with square panels of tungsten carbon fiber alloy incorporated within each link.

The weave of the carbon is visible while the shine of the stainless steel complements this piece beautifully. The carbon inlays definitely add a motorsport vibe to the bracelet for people passionate about cars or bikes.

I really like the clean appearance of the bracelet and its minimal construction. The use of both stainless steel and carbon really attracts the eye.

The Gray Tiger-Eye Bead Bolo Bracelet

For those wishing to rock a non-metal bead bracelet, Robert Alton jewelry has a wide range to choose from. This piece caught my eye due to the tiger-eye-inspired pattern of each dark gray bead, separated by polished stainless steel dividers.

Several variations of this particular bracelet are available on the Robert Alton website, each with a different bead material and appearance. Bead bracelets are the most casual of those on offer. It wouldn’t look out of place with a fresh white t-shirt and cut-offs for a summer-inspired outfit.

Matt Black Stainless Steel Bracelet

Another nice alternative to the bracelets mentioned above is this matt black bracelet set with 58 diamonds. The diamonds are neatly incorporated into the clasp of the bracelet, while the matt black finish is unusual and edgy.

This would look great with an all-black outfit, for example a black tee, cropped coach jacket, jeans and black Chelsea boots.

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Chains and Necklaces

The perfect complementary piece to any bracelet is of course a chain or necklace, and below are my top 3 from Robert Alton.

Stainless Steel Chain

Link chains, like this really nice piece by Robert Alton, have been trending over the past 2 years in particular due to their minimal appearance and streetwear aesthetic. They easily add an edge to an outfit but will go with just about anything you have in your closet.

This version has really nicely polished links and could look great with a baggy streetwear outfit. For example, even though we all definitely know what a good streetwear outfit looks like, this chain would look great over an oversized tee with cargo pants and chunky kicks.

The clasp of the chain is also nicely integrated into the minimal design. This is definitely a chain for the fashion-forward guy hot on the latest trends.

Stainless Steel Diamond Cross Necklace

Robert Alton Jewelry is definitely the brand to go to if you’re looking for a cross-pendant. The offerings feature pieces crafted from steel, cobalt, and tungsten. This particular piece is set with modest white diamonds which look really cool against the stainless steel – subtle but noticeable.

Cross necklaces need not necessarily have any religious connotations in today’s world, and therefore can be worn by anybody who likes the vibe of the piece. Cross pendants are also a great way to elevate a basic chain or necklace, adding an interesting edge.

Stainless Steel and Diamond Dragon Pendant

If you’re looking for something completely different, this metal pendant set with 48 diamonds is sure to attract attention. With an octagonal shape, the stainless steel pendant features a gold-colored dragon motif.

This is a piece for those with the confidence to rock something different and daring, and will definitely add an edge to your outfit.

Multi-colored pieces like this also open up your jewelry collection to a variety of different colors and materials, so mixing and matching different pieces can be fun.

Black Diamond Chain

Always seeking to take care of customers who favor a different aesthetic, Robert Alton offer this unique stainless steel chain finished in black. The links also feature sparkling diamonds, perfect for the trendsetter.

This necklace definitely has a strong night-club vibe, and look great paired with a crisp white or black shirt for a dressy look and night out in town.

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For some, a simple ring is enough, especially for those who like to wear a statement watch for example. Luckily, Robert Alton has a great range to choose from.

Diamond Cobalt and Stainless Steel Ring

Perfect as a wedding band, this 8mm ring is crafted from both cobalt and stainless steel. It’s not only light to wear but is very distinctive thanks to its unique shape and sparkle.

The ring is set with 24 small sparkling white diamonds across the central section of the band and would look equally cool as a non-wedding piece.

This would be a great ring to wear with a formal office suit for example, and may even become your go-to piece every day.

Diamond Tungsten and Stainless Steel Ring

This particular ring or wedding band features 9 diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.25.

Definitely a statement piece, this is a really nice ring for those seeking to stand out. The indented upper and lower bands of the ring serve to enhance the central section set with diamonds. The 8mm band width is also perfect for those wishing to wear a noticeable piece that isn’t too prominent on the finger.

Diamond Cobalt Black Stripe

This ring is a more casual alternative to the aforementioned pieces thanks to its two black lines and narrower band width (7mm as opposed to 8mm).

Set with 10 small diamonds in a simple straight line along the band, this more minimal piece is perfect for casual wear. This ring would look great with a vibey casual outfit – dark carpenter denim, fresh kicks and maybe a puffer jacket for example.

Black Diamond Stainless Steel Ring

For those who like to rock something slightly different, this black diamond ring by Robert Alton is just the ticket. Finishing in a menacing black, this 8mm stainless steel ring boasts 12 round-cut black diamonds, lending the piece a vibey, daring appearance.

Like all of the brand’’s rings, the black diamond wedding band is available in a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit.

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Taking Care Of Your Robert Alton Jewelry

All of the jewelry pieces mentioned above can be easily maintained due to their durable materials and design. I would recommend the following approach to keep your pieces looking box-fresh.

Step 1

Use warm water and soap (1 part soap to 9 parts water) to gently wash the piece for 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 2

Agitate if necessary with a small brush to ensure that dirt is lifted from any detailed crevices;

Step 3

Dab the piece dry using a clean towel, and leave to air-dry to ensure moisture is not trapped within any of the detailed sections of your jewelry.

Step 4

Using a clean microfibre cloth, gently shine and polish the jewelry piece to remove any watermarks following cleaning.

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Final Thoughts

Even a cursory glance at Robert Alton’s extensive website reveals the breadth of jewelry options on offer for guys. For those seeking jewelry with a masculine vibe in particular, the brand offers an incredible range of bracelets, pendants, and rings.

Everybody appreciates good value, and the affordable price point of Robert Alton jewelry combined with the quality materials used makes for a winning combo. Be sure to check out their website to avoid missing out on any of the cool pieces on offer that I didn’t get to here.

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