Jada Paul Launched A Productivity Tool Brand To Help The Ambitious Mindfully Manage Their Lives

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Jada Paul Launched A Productivity Tool Brand To Help The Ambitious Mindfully Manage Their Lives

Jada Paul took my call a short time landing from an international flight.

She was also finalizing details for the launch party celebrating her new productivity product line Curated by Alexis P.’s But somehow, her bright face was refreshed and calm when it appeared on the Zoom screen as our interview began.

That’s the quiet power Jada Paul has always possessed, and she attributes it to mindful organization.

As a child, she always knew where her things were even if her room was messy. When she grew up and became a wife to NBA all-star Chris Paul, mom of two, and businesswoman, she still flexed her mastery of ordered chaos. Now, she’s sharing the secrets to her success.

On Sept. 21 she officially rolled out Curated by Alexis P.’s first collection of items including the Host With The Most Party Planner, Make It Make Sense Event Planner, All The Feels Inspirational Journal, and Daily Noted desktop notepad. An additional accessories line includes the Take A Seat Seating Arrangement Sticky Notes, Gratuity Not Included Gratuity Envelopes, Full Transparency Translucent Sticky Notes, Get It Done To-Do List, and more. 

Jada Paul Launched A Productivity Tool Brand To Help The Ambitious Mindfully Manage Their Lives

The carefully curated products were born out of a personal need Paul said derived from her full life riddled with responsibilities she couldn’t afford to let slip through the cracks.

“It was a few years ago and I needed a space where all of my things could live,” she told me. “I had phone numbers written down in random places.It was a mess. So I went to Barnes and Noble looking for a party planning planner to organize all the things that I had to handle and it didn’t exist. I immediately decided then to create my own.”

Although she set out to release the line then, the COVID-induced shut down happened. Paul said the timing was fortuitous.

“It was kind of a blessing in disguise for me because very rarely do we have quiet time given my husband’s job,” she said. “We were sitting at home, the kids were doing remote learning, and I started to work on these things using Canva. I thought it was amazing. But then, of course, I found a graphic designer who put it all together, made it more cohesive, and what it is we see today.”

She says the products aim to simplify life’s busy moments, complicated tasks, and overwhelming to-do lists. But beyond just getting stuff done, the line aims to help consumers reclaim calm over every aspect of their lives—even the spirt. Among the items Alexa P. offers is a guided journal that includes introspection prompts.

“I was feling very heavy and just needed to write,” Paul shared. She said this inspired her to wrap in emotional maintenance aspects into the productivity line due to the own spiritual stress she’d experience. “I decided it would be helpful to have a guided journal to offer you general direction and find ways to organize your thoughts. Whether you’re dealing with finances or health and wellness or relationship problems, whatever it is, there’s a way that you can kind of write it down and reference back to it.”

She adds: “You don’t really think about your thoughts being something you need to manage, but that’s really where it all starts. And I want to simplify that process for everyone who wants to use the time they have to live the life they want.”

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

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