Top tips for applying makeup on the commute! – Pride Magazine

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Top tips for applying makeup on the commute! – Pride Magazine

We’ve all been there, where we are running slightly late for work or meeting up with friends and it’s resulted in us having to apply makeup during the commute. For those who have found themselves in this situation, Lenstore has spoken to three makeup experts to find out their top tips when applying makeup whilst travelling!

Firstly, Lucy Baker, Makeup and Confidence Coach kindly shares 10 tips with us! These are: 

  1. Always carry a decent flat x5 mirror so that you can actually see what you are doing – and glasses wipe so that it can be cleaned.
  2. Rest your elbow on a table / your knee to avoid wonky winged eyeliner, bad brows, and lop-sided lips – supporting your elbow stabilises your drawing techniques.
  3. Turn to the window (when overground!) – natural light is the very best for make-up application
  4. When underground (only electric lighting) – less is more! You don’t want to leave the tube looking over powdered or too orange!
  5. Avoid brushes if you can, on a bumpy tube you could poke yourself in the eye – or the person next to you! – fingers are more controlled.
  6. When applying mascara, rest your little finger on your face to give you a steady hand. Make-up artists naturally do this and it works.
  7. Don’t over-complicate your tube make-up, there often isn’t much time! A bold bright lip and good lashes is a great striking look and looks like you have made lots of effort.
  8. Applying foundation with a synthetic hair makeup brush means you can kind of do it without looking. Start in the centre of your face and work out to the edges – making sure it is well blended by firmly working the product in.
  9. When you get off the tube – look at your make-up in daylight or a bathroom mirror if at night – use cotton buds to tidy up any wonky lines. 
  10. Always have cotton buds with you, the best way to correct any bumpy mistakes!

Makeup influencer Cassie Thorpe (@casscass2102) says: 

“My top tip would be to make sure you have dampened your beauty blender at home and to invest in a little case for it – that way, it won’t dampen any other make-up items you carry with you. Powder foundations and cushion foundations are also the most foolproof tools you can use on the tube – they’re an absolute must-have!” – 

Finally, Makeup Artist at, Saffron Hughes says: 

“You won’t have much room available and can only hold a certain amount of items at once, so keep your on-the-go makeup collection as small as possible whether this is by using travel-sized items or products that can be used for multiple purposes such as lip/cheek combos, brow products that can double up for eyeshadow/liner or vice versa.  

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A compact mirror is essential – even more handy if it’s attached to your powder/foundation compact as that’s already two items you need in one. Even better if you have a palette that already contains your powder/bronzer/highlighter AND a mirror. Remember to keep your kit simple and only bring what you really need. 

Be confident in your application and keep your elbows close to you to avoid any smudging or mistakes and also avoid knocking into your fellow passengers. Use your time wisely and take any opportunity to apply products like eyeliner/lip liner when the tube has stopped.” 

Lenstore’s research all found that the Metropolitan Line was the best tube line for makeup application! 

The Metropolitan is mostly above ground (76.5%) meaning that you’ll be able to apply your makeup in natural light. As well as natural light, the temperature is an important factor to consider when applying makeup. No one wants to apply makeup with a sticky forehead. Although our research found that the average temperature for this line is a very warm 32 degrees, it’s one of the only tube lines that has aircon, meaning you don’t need to worry about that makeup coming off your face before your journey is over.

Other tube lines that Lenstore found are good for applying makeup include the Circle line, Hammersmith and City, District, and Bakerloo.

Tube Line Avg. Temp  Customer satisfaction  Avg. weekday ridership Avg. off-peak speed  % of line that is overground Age of line Makeup comfort overall score
Metropolitan 32 88 352,464 23.40 76.5% 158 7.01
Circle 28 87 257,391 22.70 38.9% 150 6.5
Hammersmith & City 32 87 231,193 22.50 34.5% 157 6.02
District 29 85 842,991 22.90 61.7% 153 5.39
Bakerloo 34.5 85 401,123 22.40 36.0% 115 5.36


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