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Amina Muaddi Super Amini Gilda


Amina Muaddi Super Amini Gilda

The Amina Muaddi luxury fashion brand is world renowned for their dazzling collection of shoe designs. In fact the label is such a shoewear game changer that they even caught the eye of CFDA Fashion Icon; Rihanna! In 2020, Rih and Amina Muaddi teamed up to release not one, but two fast selling collaborative collections. However, now the style gears of Amina’s company are once again pivoting into a new direction; this time in the realm of chic, stylish handbags! While the entire bag lineup is gorgeous, we have to zero all of our voguish attention on the Amini Muaddi Super Amina Gilda!

A very cute tote bag that’s perfect for daytime, events, night outs and jet-setting.  The size is ideal and desirable for anyone and anytime you wish to keep track of makeup; your keys and other little items without them all getting lost in the oblivion known as “the catch all.” It’s small, dainty yet still a head turning accessory!

Amina Muaddi Super Amini Gilda -Get All Into Your Bag!

Amina Muaddi Super Amini Gilda

The Super Amini Gilda is a part of the new handbag lineup by Amina Muaddi adorably called “Aminis.” These fashionable bags are members of the brand’s winter 2020 collection. Crafted in Italy each design is well made and will be a great purchase that is sure to last beautifully.

How to style the Super Amini Gilda? Pairs well with laidback casual attire that incorporates jeans, heels, slacks as well as dressy tops and jackets. Also, dresses and skirt sets align well Gilda too. Wish to add her to your closet? You can by heading online to


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