Ardent Belted Blazer and Slim Ankle Pant on Angela Bassett -Ask and Tell1966 Magazine

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Ardent Belted Blazer

Ardent Belted Blazer


The Item: Marvel’s Black Panther and Queen of Black Hollywood, Angela Bassett; is breathtaking in the Ardent Belted Blazer and Slim Ankle Pant. Fans spotted Bassett in her designer attire in a series of behind the scenes photos for the Disney Pixar Soul Presser.

You Asked: Omg would you look at Auntie! I’m so proud of this woman she represents us so nicely and she is an iconic talent! I really hope one day she gets the flowers she deserves before it’s too late. BTW this suit is cute! Can a sista get some details on this? Thank you 1966 and keep up the good work!

Ardent Belted Blazer and Slim Ankle Pant on Angela Bassett -Ask and Tell


Ardent Belted Blazer


The Verdict: Hey Girl! Thank you so much for reaching out to us and we appreciate all the love and positive feedback. Means so much to all of us here at 1966 Magazine!

Nevertheless, the time has come to talk some fashion darling. The gorgeous and forever stunning Angela Bassett is wearing a chic orange tone suit for her press day. The look consists of too pieces, the Ardent Belted Blazer as well as the matching Ardent Slim Ankle Pant.



The cost? Well, altogether you are looking at around $650 in total. The Belted Blazer currently retails for $388, while the Slim Ankle Pant can be yours for $248.



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