Toni Braxton’s Full-Face Makeup Routine Is Unbelievably Easy to Do

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Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Toni Braxton just shared her no-fail makeup routine and we’re absolutely in love!

In her Beauty Secrets video, she employs a unique combination of drugstore products, high-impact cosmetics, and one innovative tool.

“I love doing my own makeup; it kind of relaxes me,” she says. After subtly filling in her arches—“[In] the ‘90s I had a really thin eyebrow look… [but] 2020 gotta have something a little bit heavier,” she explains—she reaches for a liquid eyeliner that she picked up at Walgreens followed by a set of faux eyelashes. “I never used to wear lashes…but then I learned about Brigitte Bardot and her lashes were everything.”

Watch the video below:

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