Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip -5 New Fabulous Shades!1966 Magazine

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Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip


Pucker up baby. Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip is arriving on a pair lips near you! This fiery hot lineup is sure to take your lips from bare to TONS of stares!



This drop is coming in 5 IN YOUR FACE tones that look universally pleasing on all skin tones. So honey whether you are light, dark or in-between these shades are going to be a lippie must!

Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip -5 New Fabulous Shades


Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip


Nikita Dragun’s beauty brand took to social today to tease this new release. In a matter of just a few hours their IG post garnered over 13,000 likes! Obviously, there’s some serious excitement surrounding these precious lip babies. Furthermore, in a very simple statement the cosmetics company informed it’s base and fans about some exciting news surrounding the new matte liquid lip colors. They state,

“Introducing… DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip! Mama Dragun’s FIRST ever Matte Liquid Lip launching in 5 full fantasy shades! A pitch black, hot pink, cool beige, pinky mauve and finally a vivid red.”






We’re gagging. So now the big question is when will makeup lovers be able to purchase these awesome lip shades? Well, Dragun Beauty has officially revealed that their DragunGlass Matte Liquid Lip will be available beginning on July 31st! The cost to own? Currently, each matte liquid lip is retailing for $18.



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