Ciara Covers Fault Magazine-15 Years and More “Goodies” to Share!1966 Magazine

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Ciara Covers Fault Magazine


She’s hit us with a Promise, had us one two step and challenged us to Level Up. Ciara is 15 years into the music game and she STILL has more Goodies to share! The songstress and Beauty Mark entertainer is a cover girl for the month of March and she is giving and serving us some serious hair nostalgia. Let’s get all up into this one y’all, Ciara Covers Fault Magazine!

Ciara Covers Fault Magazine-15 Years and More “Goodies” to Share!


Ciara Covers Fault Magazine


Baubles, beads, bedazzled hair pins, baby hair, braids and twists. Oooh child! Ciara brought ALL the styles from the elementary school black top to Fault Magazine! Ciara stars in a super fun, vibrant editorial and cover story for Fault. Besides, her classic urban attire; Ciara rocks several young black girl hairstyles that look like they belong in a super cute Just For Me ad.



Yet, Ciara is a child no more. It seems unreal to think that the world has been experiencing the force that is Ciara since she was just a teenager. But time stops for no one and it’s this very fact that Fault is celebrating with their latest issue. Ciara’s undeniable longevity; influence and projected continued success in the future is solid.



Furthermore, as if to indicate how much Ciara has grown as not only an artist, but a woman. The hairstyles of Ciara in Fault Magazine may be those of a youth; but the woman that appears through them is mature, talented, hard-working and dedicated. Ciara has definitely come a long way and the positive influence and life lessons she possess are something anyone; along with her fans can admire.



As mentioned, Ciara’s new cover and story for Fault Magazine celebrates 15 years since Ciara’s debut in the industry. Yes, it’s been 15 years since the days Goodies. Moreover, the magazine also takes a deep look and dive into the cultural impact she’s still having today. With a new baby on the way, and new companies under her belt. Ciara is poised to continue to make a real mark on the world!


Ciara Covers Fault Magazine


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