Sanaa Lathan’s Twist Out Natural Hair Tutorial- 2 Years Post Big Cut!1966 Magazine

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Twist Out Natural Hair


Oooh honey this hair! Full, bouncy and undeniably healthy! Sanaa Lathan’s GORGEOUS Twist Out Natural Hair Tutorial and Hairstyle is the perfect hair look for anyone who needs just ONE great style that can work for daytime or night.

Nevertheless, Lathan’s overall hair journey in itself has been one for the books. She shocked millions when she completely shaved off all of her hair. Her fearlessness struck a cord with women everywhere.

Yet the move still pondered up some wondering. Would it grow back? Would it be better than before?

Due to past myths about black hair growth some would think that chopping it all off could be a big mistake. Who doesn’t remember hearing as a child that if you cut your hair it will not grow back? Bold face lies!

Natural hair story after story has proved otherwise. Getting rid of harmful perms and hair products full of harmful ingredients can do wonders for black hair. Additionally, if you cut your hair YOU CAN grow it back. Hair follicles are always growing the only thing stopping or preventing growth from being noticeable is shedding or breakage. Which is why it is important to care for your tresses properly with good products.

Sanaa Lathan’s Twist Out Natural Hair Tutorial- 2 Years Post Big Cut!



Sanaa has definitely been doing just that with the help of celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble. Kimble is a renown hair innovator who has worked with everyone from the likes of Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington, Brandy and Beyonce. Being in such good hands there’s no wonder Sanaa’s gorgeous curls in just 24 months are flourishing! In regards to her hair achievement Lathan states,

“Can’t believe it’s been two years since I shaved it all off. It’s been a long journey and I definitely have a new appreciation for my natural hair. But I do need help though. It definitely ain’t easy!

Thankful I have amazing people to help me take care of it. Cut out Kim Kimble’s YouTube tutorial for this natural twist out style. Coming soon!”



Yes, natural hair takes work. But the rewards are beautiful! You can grow it and get it healthier than ever before.

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