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David Koma AW20


Ever seen the twinkling skyline of a city during twilight hours? It is nothing short of majestic and can instantly take your breath away. As the light orange, golden light delicately hits the reflective windows of skyscrapers and intermittent buildings; a glamorous display of industrial beauty begins to shine forth. It’s this backdrop that must of had a profound effect on the David Koma AW20 collection. Which included a dazzling array of garments that encompasses structural tailoring and mesmerizing embellishments!

The David Koma Autumn/ Winter 2020 runway show reminds us of serious New York City skyline vibes. If you have ever seen the sun set there you already know it is an enchanting experience. NYC is a seductive place in itself. Beyond its “rough” exterior; it shines up well due to its architectural makeup.

The Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and numerous bridges all play a part in giving the city a definitive edge. Nevertheless, Koma’s collection could be based on any major city throughout the world. Each one’s iconic skylines are all capable of having the same luxurious appeal.

But the truth is, Koma stuck to the brand’s roots. The show was held in London at the Leadenhall Building. A world class building that sits in the very heart of London. Like New York, London’s scene is just as attractively eye-catching.

It is easy to see why this U.K. city serves as such inspiration in terms of fashion. Whether day or night, London has an energy that can go from punk to posh in a blink of the eye.

Furthermore, the David Koma runway show effectively captured the beauty that is found in the architectural design of London. The Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection accomplished this with designs by imitating the construction of buildings.

Also, we loved the play on the gleaming aspect of a city. Models walked the catwalk in garments FULL of crystals and bling. Mimicking glistening windows and the light up display of the city lights at night. David Koma sent a gorgeous display of sparkling designs that would make the stars in the sky jealous!

Simply put it is a beautiful, edgy and glam collection. A nice modern and fresh breath of creative air. It’s great to see designers stretch themselves and what inspires them.



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