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Burberry AW20


There’s big , then there is BIG! Today’s Fashionable Mention is all about the humongous bags spotted during the Burberry AW20 fashion show. They’re large, in charge, and honey they are fabulous!

Fashionable Mention: Burberry AW20 Handbags -Would You Like to Supersize That?

Burberry is going the complete polar opposite of what’s trendy and “cool” right now. With the rise of the super tiny, barely can hold a set of keys mini bag; Burberry is effectively saying, “Hold our beer… strike that , we mean bottle of bubbling champagne.” Sorry beer lovers, had to change the reference to something bit chicer (Lol).

Nevertheless, we digress. Burberry’s fall bags are the ultimate “dump” handbags of the year. If you enjoying dumping all of your daily valuables into one big bag these designs will be right up your alley. They are certainly large enough to fit one’s entire life into it.



Plus, we believe that Burberry’s supersize Pocket Bags are perfect for any BOSS LADY. Easily transport your laptop, phone, makeup bag and a change of attire (if you have to quickly change for an event); and still have plenty of room!

Also, with the overall style of these bags being so stylish; you can jet set around town without compromising your personal flair or fashion flavor. Moreover, besides day to day, Burberry’s Fall / Winter bags are great for travel. Whether for a day trip, weekend getaway or an extra bag on the plane. These accessories will certainly have you traveling in style!

Like to match? No problem. These bags also come in a very nice neutral palette. Tans, black and browns all make up the overall color scheme. Therefore, you will have absolutely no problem having these handbags match any of your outfits.



Nevertheless, if you find neutrals a little too boring for your style tastes, do not fret. Burberry’s signature striped print was also spotted on their holdalls. So neutral or not, you are bound to find one that will match your high end tastes and lifestyle.

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