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Moschino Fall/ Winter 2020


One glance at the Moschino Fall/ Winter 2020 runway show and it is instantaneously clear what the inspiration behind it was. The mind effortlessly journeys back to a time of French history marked by a now iconic female figure that is both tragic and glamour. While all of us herald, “Let them eat cake.” Oh no Honey, designer Jeremy Scott is screaming, “Let them wear Moschino!”

The infamous doomed queen, Marie Antoinette, known for excessive decadence, allurement, indifferent attitude and losing her rule; still leaves her undeniable mark on the world. Her decor, her style and in-your-face flair continues to enchant and intrigue presently as well as new generations.

Jeremy Scott taps into this Enlightenment Age style period yet brings it rushing into the modern. It’s a bit of history, a bit of punk and all boisterous! There is nothing shy or quiet about this entire collection. From start to finish it makes noise and will not be denied the attention it so rightfully deserves.

Moschino Fall/ Winter 2020 Collection- Marie Antoinette Meets Urban Chic!

Moschino’s F/W 2020 collection during Milan Fashion Week features gowns with exaggerated silhouettes. Scott adds an updated edge to his designs and the feminine form by incorporating leather, bold color and prints. There is even a hoodie dress combination that needs to be painted and hung up somewhere. It is literally a hybrid of hoodie and vintage style dress. A cool creation that perfectly highly Jeremy Scott’s ingenuity.

Furthermore, the hair, makeup and styling are just as awesome to take in. The tier upon tier of updo wigs, pearl necklaces and bows gives you an image of the past without being TOO literal. Plus, your mind stays current thanks to the use of thigh high platform heels, Moschino belts, earrings and handbags that would have most likely never flown back in the day of Marie (Lol). So oh what a time to be alive.

As one can see, we always get a kick out of Moschino’s fashion week shows because they’re so different. Scott knows how to think outside the box and never disappoints. For instance, he’s given us paper dolls, renaissance paintings, the over-sized clothes IG trend and now a reason for us couture peasants to eat cake. Where he takes things next we are excited to see!


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