How Podcasts Changed my Life | Aisha Baker

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How Podcasts Changed my Life | Aisha Baker

After having my son I found I had less time to read and loads more time to listen. I’d quickly discovered that while breastfeeding, especially, I spent a lot of time listening to soft music. I decided that I would spend the next couple of months listening to a podcast each day – initially the podcasts I listened to involved parenting a new born; guidelines on how to breast feed correctly for example.

Once I got back into working I found listening to a podcast while driving in the traffic really got me thinking differently. Traditionally I would spend loads of time reading and researching. With my sun sign being Gemini I’ve got the need for information and learning constantly. I found listening to a podcast gave me the same satisfaction while allowing me to multi-task.

For me, podcasts really changed my perspective. The medium itself is easy and free to access with a world of information relevant to what I was interested in at the time. The truth is we all go through phases of wanting to learn or grow in a specific area in our lives and I feel that accessing information can propel the growth we are looking to have. Whether it’s breast feeding, business, beauty or fitness there’s really something out there for every and any interest you may have.

If you’re new to podcasting, I would suggest to choose a time when you can engage with the content but also do something else which is equally constructive or mundane. In my case it’s my car trips for the day, when I’m alone (heading to gym, from school drop offs or a meeting). I try to take the time to absorb something new from one of my fav podcasts. For you it may be cooking in the evenings or while doing a short walk in the neighbourhood.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to get into make sure you give my one a subscribe and a listen anywhere you can find podcasts, simply search “Baked the Podcast” or head back to the home page to find a link.

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