Bretman Rock x Wet N’ Wild Jungle Rock Collection-Unleash Your Fierceness!1966 Magazine

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Bretman Rock x Wet N

Bretman Rock x Wet N' Wild Jungle Rock Collection


It’s a jungle out here. That’s honestly how the beauty world and industry can feel sometimes. There are SO MANY drops happening every month now AND companies are getting total Mean Girls on each in order to compete. Nevertheless, in the midst of all of this catty awesomeness, a fierce release is coming to the makeup scene in a blaze of Diva-licious glory. The Bretman Rock x Wet N’ Wild Jungle Rock Collection will transform and level up your look into a vibrant, vivacious full face beat!



Seriously you guys, this collection is coming pretty fully stocked! While most Youtubers or social beauty stars release a palette and call it a day. Naw, Bretman has other plans honey! The major beauty/ makeup influencer is giving your cometics bag and case a full makeover experience. This collection will have:

  • An Eyeshadow Palette
  • Eyelash Building Mascara
  • Brush Set
  • 3 Lip Glosses
  • Highlighter Pair
  • Setting Spray

Whew! That’s a pretty big drop, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Bretman Rock or the Wet N’ Wild cosmetics brand.

Bretman Rock x Wet N’ Wild Jungle Rock Collection-Unleash Your Fierceness


Bretman Rock x Wet N' Wild Jungle Rock Collection


This collection officially comes to an online and store near you beginning on February 13. Wet N’ Wild is excited about this release and has given a few details as to what to expect. Regarding the Jungle Rock Collection the cosmetics giant reveals,

“We are THRILLED to announce the Bretman Rock x Wet N’ Wild “Jungle Rock” Collection. Featuring a shadow palette, MASCARA, a brush set trio, three lip glosses, a loose highlighter duo; a 3-in-1 face mist, and a limited-edition makeup bag.”

WOW. We love a great a release and 2020 is shaping up to be a great year in makeup. Will you be copping this beauty drop?



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