Tatcha The Serum Stick-Slide On to Repair, Smooth and Erase Dryness!1966 Magazine

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Tatcha The Serum Stick

Tatcha The Serum Stick


Most serums come in liquid form. It’s what we know, and what we have become used to. However, now there is a skincare brand that is challenging how we all view and utilize face serums. Introducing Tatcha The Serum Stick, a solid form serum that helps to combat dehydrated skin, aging and loss of collagen!

No more dripping drops rolling down your face. This serum is simply slide on and go. Plus, since it is a stick it is easier to take with you when traveling. Therefore, allowing you to maintain your daily skincare routine and regimen wherever, whenever!

Tatcha The Serum Stick-Slide On to Repair, Smooth and Erase Dryness


Tatcha The Serum Stick


Besides being in stick form what else makes this serum so fabulous and special? The benefits lie in the formulation which the Tatcha brand was kind enough to open up about. In regards to The Serum Stick, Tatcha reveals,

“The new year is a time for wishes to come true. Have you ever wished for glowing, nourished skin anytime, anywhere?

We are so excited to share our new Serum Stick with you! We created this solid serum with Japanese lemon balm and 80% squalene to make your skin wishes come true.

In the mountains of Japan, south of Kyoto, is a private lemon balm farm — the birthplace of The Serum Stick. Japanese lemon balm, or Kousui Hakka; is a remarkable ingredient. Used for centuries to help calm inflammation. It contains six times more rosmarinic acid that rosemary; an essential active to promote natural collagen repair.



[Additionally] in The Serum Stick, [lemon balm] is married with 80% squalene; derived from olives and slowly purified in Japan for a naturally efficiacious formula. The serum is ultra-concentrated into a stick form so you can target dryness, fine lines, creases and crepiness. Locking in the moisture where you need it most. As a result, we like to think of this as our always there everything care.

Care for your skin throughout the day with a solid serum of 80% squalene that fits in your pocket. Dense with time honored nutrients like Japanese lemon balm; The Serum Stick erases dryness, smooths signs of aging, refreshes makeup; and delivers intense moisture exactly where you need it.”

Tatcha The Serum Stick



This product will change your life! Skincare and self-care should always be apart ease. This stick accomplishes just that. No mess, less time, no drip, just pure results.

Are you ready to join the future in stick serums? Great. Get yours now from the Tatcha brand. Each stick is currently retailing for just $48.

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