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Got fragrance? If you love the pick me up from an alluring scent you may want to make sure FIRST that it’s “clean.” Why? The answer lies in the numerous studies in which researchers have linked health risks to fragrances. Unfortunately, some brands over the years have utilized harmful chemicals that can be classified as allergens, neurotoxins; hormone disruptors as well as carcinogens. However, that IS NOT the case with St. Rose, a tantalizing high-end perfume label that is defined by its use of nontoxic; clean elements.



St. Rose, is a luxury fragrance house born with Australian roots and raised in American spirit. The house fabulously designs artisan-made and unisex fine fragrances. Think beauty without the risk!



St. Rose currently offers 5 fragrances that celebrate the ancient process of hand-crafted scents, Circa 91, Desert Nomad, Grand Larceny, Gypsy Cowboy, and Juliet in White. The scents translate memories and emotions into experiential products that nourish the body, inspire the mind, and feed the soul with nature’s elements. Using only the highest quality natural, sustainable ingredients and always skin-safe, St. Rose is where beauty meets wellness and luxury comes naturally!

St. Rose Artisan Fragrances -Natural, Sustainable and Clean



As one can see, this brand easily sets itself apart from all the rest. A lineup of luxe, exciting scents to tempt the senses to their profound mission and company beliefs. Which is by the way, the following:

“We believe in a wholistic approach to beauty. In the intrinsic and inseparable aspect of our health to living well, and feeling good. We believe this stems from nourishing both the body and soul with nature’s ancient elements.



This credo is what we stand behind as we develop our hand-crafted artisan fragrances using the plant materials that are already present on the Earth. The same ancient craft used by perfumers for millennia. We believe this not only offers a deeper olfactive experience born from the essences of living materials. But also extends outside the aisle of cosmetology and into the realms of aromatherapy.”



St. Rose Founder, Belinda Frazer Smith


WE LOVE! Moreover, we are confident you will love all five fragrances too. Get yours at

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