My Hair My Way – Pride Magazine

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My Hair My Way – Pride Magazine


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Up and coming sensation Safia Mafia on taking risks, short attention span and bleaching disasters. By Shevelle Rhule.

My hair is very important to me. Though I take extreme risks with it at times. it’s definitely a very important part of my style and identity. That said, I do realize that it’s just hair. In the event that I cut it and it’s not to my liking, I know it’ll grow back.

If I’m rocking my mop straight… I swear by organic root stimulator olive oil edge control to keep my edges sleek and IC hair polisher mist along with my herstyler ceramic iron for touch ups.

I get my hair done at Jasmine Ashley salon… in Los Angeles and my hair stylist is Feanna Smith.

My current hairstyle was inspired by my short attention span when it comes to fashion and beauty. I used to have very long hair; down my back. After dying it, bleaching it, and dying it again, I realized the only other direction I could take was to chop it off!

I’m a believer in taking risks when it comes to fashion and beauty…. Keeping the same style for too long drives me completely mad.

My relationship with my hair growing up was very mixed…As I got older, I grew to embrace my hair. I began to recognize the versatility of my hair and I love it now. I know now that I have a texture of hair that is unique, but also coveted by many. It’s pretty rad.

My hair icons are quite plentiful… I’m also a huge fan of Solange Knowles’, she doesn’t apologize for being herself ! Sinead O’Connor is also a pretty fierce individual, that buzz cut was not to be messed with!

My biggest hair mistake would definitely be bleaching it myself. I never had any problems with my hair rebelling until I got the grand idea to bleach the front of my bangs. To this day, the front of my hair is a different texture than the rest!

My hair is… my crown, an accessory to what I am, but not who I am.

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