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Afro Chic – Pride Magazine


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Hair: MIZANI International Artistic Team (Charlotte Mensah, Darrell Thompson, Pat Flournoy, and Alexis Rosso)
Photography: Joseph Sinclair
Make up: Pauline Briscoe
Stylist: Robert Morrison

‘Fro Hawk
Get the Christmas season started with some sexy and sassy texture. Start by stretching cleansed natural hair by roller setting for length and curls. Then brush out slightly with a flat paddle brush. Using edge tamer gel, slick both sides up and pin. Then mould the freeflowing hair into your desired shape.

Middle Part
Create this easy from work to party hair look with this sleek faux bob. Begin by parting hair down the middle and straighten with irons. Then, either with irons or tongs, curl the ends and pin the hair under to create a fake crop.

Quiff Over
For a fun way to wear a short crop add extra length to the front of the hair and sleek the sides down. Next, using a large barrel tong curl the hair upwards section by section until you have create a large quiff.

Party Flow
If you want a look that makes an impact then sleek straighten hair up into a ponytail. Using a big barrel tong, curl the ends all in the same direction and pin into place, finishing with holding spray.

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