How to Grow Your Hair & Retain Length! – Pride Magazine

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How to Grow Your Hair & Retain Length! – Pride Magazine


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Pride’s tips on getting the length you always dreamed of!

Healthy Regime: With Afro hair being the most delicate of hair types, the hair is prone to breakage. In order for your hair to grow, it is important to ensure that the hair is kept in the best condition.  Regular moisturising and protein treatments are essential to maintain condition and to keep the hair strong and hydrated.

Delicate Detangling: Minimal manipulation that avoids heat and tension will help to avoid damage, which is key to retaining length. Detangling is also important – find the right brush for your hair texture, I would recommend avoiding fine tooth combs, instead use a Paddle Brush and where possible use fingers to detangle.

Moisture, moisture, moisture: Keeping hair moist is key to retaining length. Afro textures are deceptively fragile and needs hydration to prevent breakage, which is one of the main reasons we can struggle with growth retention. Dry hair gets brittle and breaks. Using a daily water based product is key- I love Mahogany Naturals hydrating hair juice.

Eat Good: Growing your hair is all about eating well – Healthy hair is happy hair. Consuming the right foods is really important for the health of our strands, especially if you’ve noticed your hair becoming finer. Try to incorporate more protein, B Vitamins and Omega 3s into your diet as well as plenty of fibre and you’ll notice an improvement in your tresses in no time.

Keep a record: Without being crazy length obsessed, keep a record of your hair growth- take pictures. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the progress our hair has made. However being able to compare pictures will show you just how much your hair is growing. In addition be realistic, hair grows on average 4-6 inches a YEAR so don’t expect Rapunzel long hair in the space of a month.

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