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KNC Supa Scrub


FINALLY! After some serious teasing, the founder and mastermind behind the KNC Supa Scrub Set opened up to let us in on some skincare intel! It all started when a KNC Beauty fan hit up Kristen Noel Crawley (KNC’s CEO); via Instagram.

In a very brief comment, one brave soul slid in a question regarding the upcoming release of Supa Scrub by stating, “Oh I’m excited! I love the mint Supa Balm and lip masks… a scrub?”



Kristen’s response? Crawley answered saying, “Yes, it will complete the whole KNC lip care routine. The scrub will the first step, then [the] mask, then balm.”

Uhm… Thank you superfan! As if we weren’t all already obsessed with KNC’s cute yet HIGHLY effective lip masks and balms; now the scrub is coming onto the scene to create and maintain baby soft lips. We stan.

KNC Supa Scrub Set -Nail Your Lip Care Routine in 3 Steps



Nevertheless, we did not have to wait much longer for even more details, such as what the scrub will be made of. ALSO, what additional helpful tool is coming inside to complete the set. In regards to the Supa Scrub Set Kristen Crawley reveals,

“Supa Scrub Set is launching next week! Supa Scrub is an all natural lip exfoliator. With ingredients like sunflower oil, shea butter and moringa oil. Your lips will feel amazingly smooth and flake free after using.

It also comes with a silicone brush (BPA free) that you can use in tandem with Supa Scrub for extra exfoliation. Made in USA, animal cruelty free, paraben, preservative and PEG free.”

BOOM! So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. This latest beauty set by KNC is going to help you ace your lip care routine like never before. No more bumpy lips that are unable to rock lipstick or lip gloss smoothly. And no more suffering in really cold weather with lips that have seen better days.

Get back your luscious lip looks in 3 steps: The KNC scrub, followed by the mask and finish up with the balm. Simple!



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