Top 7 African Fashion Bloggers on the Internet

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Top African fashion bloggers

Did you know? According to Neil Patel, there are more than a billion blogs on the internet. Now, that is a whole lot of blogs! It’s so easy to get lost in the mix of it all. The question remains, how does one stand out from the crowd and ensure that they are contributing something truly meaningful and creative to the blogosphere? Well, the answer is not that easy to come by. Some people say blogging is dead but if this is true, many others would not be starting new blogs. Maybe the key might be found in what I like to call differentiation. Today, it is more important than ever to have a niche for your blog.

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The internet has evolved since fashion blogging first emerged. While the mainstream blogging scene is now highly saturated there are still a small niche of bloggers specializing in the showcase of African fashion – helping all people to connect with culture and colour irrespective of where they are from. It is these bloggers that are highlighted in this post with the hopes that you might be curious enough to visit their pages and see what they are all about. Perhaps you might be introduced to something new, fresh and exciting that you never knew once existed. Some of these bloggers share pictures of their own personal style and others prefer to offer style tips while highlighting fashion designers/brands. Whichever the case might be, their blogs are a treasure-trove of the latest finds you won’t want to miss out on. In a later post, I will be highlighting Instagram’s African fashion influencers worth following but before then and in my own humble opinion, here are some of the top African fashion bloggers on the internet in no particular order.

Popcorn and Paillettes

Vhyra first started blogging about fashion and beauty over nine years ago. Her style is simple, classy and chic – shaped by all of the women who came before her as well as by the diverse African roots, culture and identity, which she grew up with. As a mother of twins, she juggles life, motherhood and blogging with a stylish ease that you cannot help but adore.

African Prints in Fashion

Ms. K grew up in Germany but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. During her youth, she recalls how African prints were always a part of her daily life. Fast forward till today and she has gone from wearing these prints in the summer to starting a fashion blog looking into how they are being used by designers of African descent and in the Diaspora for fashion and design. She also runs an online shop called Africa Boutik.

Afua Rida

Afua Rida is a Ghanaian fashion blogger, stylist and influencer with a style that is crisp and colourful. She has worked with some big name international brands but is also well known for promoting upcoming African designers on her Instagram page and blog. Some of her recent collaborations include work with Ghanian designers Selina Beb and Larry Jay, and Yhebe Designs of Ivory Coast.

Jamila Kyari

Jamila is a Nigerian-born communications strategist and blogger with a penchant for all things related to Africa. As a cultural connoisseur, she is passionate about inspiring women to live a colourful, vibrant and bold life through African fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her blog publishes weekly content at the intersection of where African fashion meets global style – ensuring you can add a touch of Africa to your life without forsaking your originality.

The Ankara Queen

Brenda Chuinkam is an African fashion influencer from Cameroon and the brainchild behind Melapteh – an African fashion retailer and consulting agency. Her work ethic and commitment to getting African fashion on international frontiers comes across strongly in all of her online platforms. With over 30k followers on Instagram, she has been focused full-time on building the brand since 2016.


Magnifique Chibalonza is Burundi-born and half Congolese. She began her blog in 2017 and within a short time, won Best African Fashion Blogger in Canada three times in a row. The award was presented at the African Fashion Industry Awards organized by African Fashion Week Toronto. Having realized that her modest African style inspired others, she has been sharing it with a bigger audience. On her blog, she showcases a humble dress sense with a natural beauty look.

Africa Fashion Guide

Jacqueline Shaw is the founder of Africa Fashion Guide. Jacqueline is not a style blogger but she is passionate about the African fashion industry. As the name of the venture implies, her blog promotes the supply chain of the African fashion and textile industry in global markets. There, you will find information and guidance on things like how to start or structure your African fashion business and where to find trustworthy suppliers on the continent.

Now you know all about the top bloggers who are shaping the African fashion industry. They all work with one aim in mind – to highlight the work of talented designers and creatives of African descent. Did I miss anyone from the list? If there are any other African fashion bloggers that you follow whom you think should be added to this list, let me know and I can include them when I update the blog post.

Do you follow any niche blogs that are different from the usual? Please share about them!


I am a communications strategist and blogger. As cultural connoisseur, I am passionate about inspiring women to live a colourful, vibrant and bold life. My weekly posts help you shine bright through African fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

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