Jada Pinkett Blonde Hair -Her New Fierce Short Haircut!1966 Magazine

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Jada Pinkett Blonde Hair


Jada Pinkett Blonde Hair is trending and it is not hard to see why! Since the 90s Will’s gorgeous wifey has been rocking this signature look; HOWEVER, on her it never gets old. She still makes it look fresh, new and EXTREMELY edgy!

Jada proves that one does not need a head full of hair in order to turn some heads. Therefore, if you are adventurous when it comes to your locks; or looking to do a DRASTIC change up. Dive in with us into Mrs. Smith’s new do,’ PLUS find out some great tips for how to care for this sleek hairstyle! You ready? Let’s go!

Jada Pinkett Blonde Hair -Her New Fierce Short Haircut



First, this blonde hair thing is not Jada’s first rodeo! Even recently she has been bringing it with a full head of color when it comes to her braid looks. Plus, she has also served us with a short platinum wavy look. But what is additionally of note is that… she gets it from her mama!

Yes, loves even Jada’s mom Adrienne is no stranger to short blonde hair. We love that this mommy and daughter duo can rock the same fun, in-your-face hairstyle. Proving that the familly who slays together, gets the people talking together.



Nevertheless, ready to start your blonde hair journey? Youtuber Queen Teshna has a couple videos that you might find helpful. From how to dye your own hair (this part still scares us no lie LOL. We prefer going to a professional; but if you brave enough go for it); to how to maintain it once you get there. Check them out below:

How I Dye My Short Hair Platinum Blonde


5 Things you should know before You bleach Your Hair Blonde

WATCH THIS VIDEO ASAP! Actually watch it before you watch anything else especially if you are new to color dying your hair or have never gone blonde before. In this video you will learn about what happens to your strands from texture changes to dryness. One of the best videos out there that keeps it real at the same time.


How I Maintain My Short Platinum Blonde Hair

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