Is it time to reclaim your shine? – Pride Magazine

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Is it time to reclaim your shine? – Pride Magazine


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If there is one make up issue that I’m constantly asked how to remedy it’s controlling the dreaded shiny face. The proliferation of matte-inducing products have fed into many black women’s desire to prevent even a bead of sweat becoming visible and of course, every mattifying product has it’s place – no one wants to look a hot sweaty mess in their friend’s Facebook album.

But when did a healthy shine become the devil and our entire make up prowess become about banishing any sight of it? I constantly see black women applying layer upon layer of heavy powder on nights out, in a bid to stem any signs of sweat but often it leaves the skin looking flat, un-natural and one-dimensional. Add that to the fact that powder usually darkens when mixed with your natural oil, and your make up will soon change from flawless to cakey and overdone.

Now, I know there is a fine line between natural luminosity and oil slick, so the best way to approach this look is to think of how your skin gleams on holiday – before the scorching midday heat leaves you sweating to high heaven – that’s the skin that you want to achieve. Not only is it more youthful looking but it’s easier to maintain in the summer too. So pack away your heavy foundation in favour of tinted moisturiser and if you have problem skin try investing in good concealers rather than full coverage bases. Look for products that have luminous qualities over mattifying and try mixing touches of gold liquid highlighter to foundation for an extra-inbuilt gleam.

A good primer is vital in preventing skin from crossing into shine hell. Choose oil free versions that even the skin surface and prevent foundations from slipping and sliding. Also invest in either blotting paper or blotting powder, which is designed to aid shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture to the face.

As a make up artist once told me, when I asked for her secret to the perfect mattified skin, she simply replied, “How about embracing your shine instead?” This summer maybe we all just might.

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