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We Are Paradoxx

If you want your hair to look absolutely FANTASTIC; while also giving Mother Nature a hand; then do we have a brand new hair care label for you! BEHOLD…We Are Paradoxx, the world’s first haircare brand with 90% plastic-free packaging.

Nevertheless, that’s not only. Actually, with this brand that is more like the tip of hair iceberg. We Are Paradoxx products are also:

• Up to 97% natural ingredients.

• Utilize vegan+cruelty free formulas.

• Comes packaging with all the certifications you can handle (Leaping Bunny, PETA, vegan, gluten-free, 1% Back For The Planet, and more)!

We Are Paradoxx

Furthermore, the We Are Paradoxx believes it’s possible to be cool and clean. Thus, proudly making it the first sustainable haircare brand committed to eliminating the use of plastics everywhere possible.

We Are Paradoxx-The World’s First Haircare Brand with 90% Plastic-Free Packaging

Therefore, since most hair products on the market today are in plastic containers; you may wonder just what We Are Paradoxx is using instead. This means that all of their packagings is aluminum, and the tiny amount of plastic they have to use (two small pumps to be exact) is fully recyclable!

Created by Irish hairstylist, Yolanda Cooper, We are Paradoxx is infused with ingredients native to her homeland including botanicals such as moss, hops, whiskey, clover, seaweed, Celtic salt, and more. The brand is environmentally responsible, socially conscious, and makes for damn good hair care products.

Meet the Products You’ll Soon Love More Than All Others

So when can you get your hands on Paradoxx’s products? Uhm… right now! The brand just launched online at Ulta.com with hero SKUs including:

Hangover Hair Elixir $35 for 2.53oz
Rehydrate tired, hungover hair with this 97% natural, lifesaver elixir. A luxe oil that smooths tell-tale frizz, giving dull and damaged hair a well-needed boost to get you through a long day. Use on towel-dried hair as a leave-in treatment or on dry hair for a finishing touch of silkiness and shine.

Super Natural Shampoo $22
Perfect for all hair types, this 91% natural shampoo cleanses and conditions. The We Are Paradoxx Super Natural Shampoo leaves hair hydrated and refreshed, silky smooth, and looking super healthy. With hops extract for ultimate shine.

Secret Weapon 3-in-1 Conditioner $25
Your hair will thank you for this 95% natural mind-blowing triple action multi-tasker. The We Are Paradoxx Secret Weapon 3-in-1 Conditioner works as a conditioner, leave-in treatment, and finishing balm. Hair will feel smooth, soft, and detangled, and will look glossy and frizz-free.


Yes, all of WAP’s products are items you will want to add to your haircare arsenal; however, this mask is something we have to give special attention to today. Especially, for all the natural hair girls out there.

Do you know what a hair mask can do? Masks are like the Olympic gold medal of hair products. You see, masks have the ability to heal damaged strands. This is because they contain nourishing ingredients in heavier concentraions than your normal or average conditioner. Plus, since it also usually left in hair longer; such deep conditioning treatments are really able to repair and restore hair from the inside out.

Moreover, the Game Changer Hair Mask will help to restore your hair without harmful ingredients. A total win for any hair lover that wants gorgeous hair without worrying about what’s in the formula. With Game Changer your tresses are in great hands.

Game Changer Hair Mask $37
This 96% natural, high-performance hair mask gives hair a new lease of life. Transforms dull, damaged or dry hair and acts as a finishing cream to smooth frizz and add shine.

We Are Paradoxx

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