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Ciara Short Haircut

Can’t help it… The Ciara Short Haircut keeps reminding us of a very wise woman’s words. It is that, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” When Coco Chanel first uttered those words she probably at the time did not realize the kind of impact it would have on future generations. However, the proof is in the pudding.

Women who do have the guts to carry out the BIG chop often seem to come across as more confident, clear thinking and focused. They seem freer. More ready to tackle the world and its many roller coasters like never before.

Since releasing her hit Level Up, last year; CiCi seems to be doing just that. Leveling up in her love life, music career, mommy-hood and business ventures. While her fans are chopping it up (sorry couldn’t resist the pun LOL); to a single prayer; no one can deny that Ciara seems posed for even more greatness.

To match her fearless attitude, Ciara recently hit up the 2019 ACE Awards rocking a much shorter hairstyle. Her edgy, pixie look immediately caught the eye as well as attention of one and all. On and off the carpet. We loved this look on her because it framed and emphasized her beautiful facial features flawlessly.

Ciara Short Haircut -Her New Pixie Just In Time for the New Season

Have you ever thought about going super short with your hair? Well, if you have then there’s a few things you should know in order to make the change easier to pull off. We gabbed away with a few hair pros in order to learn a few tips; any woman should know before becoming one with scissors.

  • Take Texture Into Account -Ever seen a fashion style and thought, “OMG how cute!” Yet, when its on you, it looks completely different? Well, hairstyles kind of work the same way. Since everyone’s hair differs in texture, thickness, etc., it’s best to check with a hairstylist first to make sure the look will work on you too.
  • Bring a Photo– When going into the salon for your cut, don’t just try to describe to your hairdresser the look you are after. Instead bring a pic. Actually bring a ton. Save photos in your phone to show; so that your stylist will know without a doubt what you are trying to achieve.
  • You’ll Have Hair Homework– Being short does not equal zero maintenance. So then, educate yourself on proper short hair haircare maintenance so that the transition will go smoother.
  • LOVE your Stylist-Find your haircut soul mate before you commit. This is the person you will be entrusting to chop your locks off and once the snipping starts there is no turning back. So make sure it is someone you like, understands your needs/vision and trust to bring to fruition.
  • Wig Out– No don’t freak out, wig out. Buy a short hair wig and try it on. Sometimes seeing is believing and you may come to realize that a particular short hairstyle is not for you. Hey it is better to find out sooner than later, with later being half your head of hair gone.
  • Stock Up– Once you and your hairstylist know what look you are going for; ask them to tell you what hair products and styling tools you will need in order to recreate the look all on your own at home. Once you have the list go stock up.

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