Finger Waves Pixie Cut -How to Achieve This Vintage Yet Modern Look!1966 Magazine

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Finger Waves Pixie Cut

Ah the Finger Waves Pixie Cut… sexy, alluring and for the woman or girl who is beyond edgy! As a wise person once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Oh my!

Finger Waves Pixie Cut -How to Achieve This Vintage Yet Modern Look

You see… Short hairstyles have a way of coming off as daring or elegantly sassy. Therefore, the wearer of such a style should already prepare themselves for plenty of stares as well as admiration.

Such a star who is no stranger to causing a head-turner glare, is Spiderman’s Zendaya Coleman. Recently, Zendaya made more her-story by appearing on yet another cover for Vogue magazine. For the editorial visuals Zendaya piercingly stunning good looks were enhanced by a hairstyle certainly fit for her growing iconic style prowess.

Finger Waves Pixie Cut

The look? A pixie cut fashioned into sleek finger waves. Since the roaring 20’s this hairstyle continues to be all the rage. Dying out then reemerging as a must-have hairstyle. As a result, finger waves continue to be heraleded as one of the greatest classic hair looks ever created.

So then, have you ever wanted to give this look a try? You may hold back from fearing it may be too hard of a style to replicate. However, with the right products and a little practice you can be well on your way.

Check out the video tutorial below in order to see how you too can create finger waves right in the comfort of your own mirror. Happy styling everyone!


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