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The return of Darkyonce was everything we wanted, hoped for and dreamt of. Yes, Beyoncé is a beautiful woman, but we would be completely lying if we said we didn’t love her with darker toned hair.

For a couple of decades now, Bey has become known for several signature things…observe:


hard dancing,

a leotard,


and of course, blonde tresses.

In the hairstyle department… It doesn’t matter if her strands have been short, long, curly or straight. The constant of her look has consistently been to be a blonde.

However, it’s not a bad thing in any way. It’s a look Mrs. Carter has effortlessly maintained through multiple albums, tours, pregnancies and award seasons. Plus, heck, don’t blondes have more fun? (We’ll answer that, at times yes lol).

And fun she has definitely had with her looks. The queen always seems to dance to the beat of her own drum when it comes to her personal style and flair.

Darkyonce -The Fierce Beyoncé Hair Color We LOVE!


So then, where did the return of dark hair Beyoncé occur? The singer and her hip hop mogul husband, Jay Z, were spotted at a Houston Rockets game. The couple sat court side catching plenty of fan and camera attention.


Beyoncé wore an eye-popping ensemble by Marine Serre. Instantly, her “moon” printed leggings became a couture hot topic. While most of us rock a pair between $20-$50; Queen Bey did it up! She hit the scene in the Marine Serre Women’s Moon-Print Footed Leggings in Black which retails for… wait for it… $515.


Yes, that was just the price of the Queen’s leggings. Oh us peasants (Lol). Nevertheless, if it’s been a good month and you’d like to splurge on Beyoncé’s leggings you can find them online at Barney’s New York.


However, we digress. This posting is supposed to be about hair. You see, we love Beyoncé with darker hair because it we believe it brings out her beautiful features. Her eyes, cheeks and skin tone just seem to pop more.

We’re glad she brought it back after a long dark hair sighting drought. How long she’ll keep it remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it’s a great look that can’t be ignored. Welcome back Darkyonce we missed you!


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