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Mane of Your Own – Pride Magazine


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Two bloggers have teamed together to launch the UK’s first Afro hair podcast – Mane of Your Own.

Editor and journalist Lynda Moyo launched her own hair blog Mane Of Your Own back in 2015, along with her Youtube channel where she demonstrates protective styles such as braids, faux locs, crochet braids etc. Lynda’s podcast co-host is her friend Claire Quansah who works in PR and also runs a parenting blog called Mumsomnia , where she regularly writes about her experiences of having children with Afro hair. Together, their aim is to talk openly about Afro hair and the whole spectrum of decisions and choices black and mixed race women make about their hair on a daily basis. Some people may think ‘but it’s just hair, how on earth can you make a full podcast out of it?’, however it runs so much deeper than that…

“The hashtag #teamnatural has over 5 million
posts on Instagram now and largely features black and mixed race women forgoing
chemicals, learning how to look after their hair in its natural state and
sharing their proud pictures and videos. British celebrities Jamelia and
Rochelle Humes have also been very vocal about embracing their natural texture.
“As a result of all this, conversations about hair and blackness have come to
the fore and through Mane Of Your Own the podcast we want to open it up even

“The podcast is not just about natural hair
though. One of the things that I feel makes Afro hair so special is how much we
can do with it whether that be wearing it natural, relaxed, braided, using
weaves, wigs and the list goes on. Ultimately the goal is to be free to do
whatever you want with your hair so long as you’re embracing an identity that
works for you, rather than trying to conform to any supposed ideals. We just
want everyone to be happy in their own skin… and hair!”

Available from Acast, iTunes and Spotify

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