Calvin Klein Fall 2015 – what my boyfriend wore

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Calvin Klein Fall 2015 – what my boyfriend wore

I recently visited the Calvin Klein store at the V&A Waterfront to take a look at the new Fall collection for 2015. I wasn’t disappointed!

I was met by black on black structured garments in a true Calvin Klein “always classic” style. Lots of dark wash denims in the Calvin Klein Jeans section with an equal amount of navy, black and charcoal in the Calvin Klein suiting department. Of course there’s a little white thrown in for contrast and textures everywhere (either in the prints or the fabric) to help create a little visual interest in the dark on dark layering.

They asked me to put together a little autumn look with a ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ edge to it – didn’t even know I had one of those. I decided on a little mix of denim and dapper. All fancy up top in Calvin Klein and a little more casual below with some skinny Calvin Klein Jeans. The fit of these jeans really surprised me; they’re the perfect rise and sit just below the hip with just enough taper so that it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing jeggings! Of course I wanted to include my love for skulls somewhere (maybe that’s what the ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ edge is that they’re talking about) so the dark pocket square with polka dot skulls gave enough pop to stick out but not overpower the classic navy blazer. The contemporary styling means the lapels are a little slimmer so I decided to give the lapel flower a miss. A couple of details with the classic watch and leather bracelet to match the never-fail-me black brogues and I was set.

What do you guys think?

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