Dressiquette – French cuffs with cufflinks and Jacket. Only. – what my boyfriend wore

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David Donahue Trim Fit Dress Shirt - purple checks

cufflink-watch-style-bloggerMuch like all  the other dressiquete rules, this one is pretty simple.

When you’re wearing a shirt that has french cuffs, you should always wear a jacket and of course cufflinks.You can identify a french cuff shirt as the cuffs are doubled over and there are no buttons with which to fasten them, hence forth why you need cufflinks.

Yes sure, I know, lots of your friends wear their french cuffs rolled up nice and high to give them a chunky roll up and you often see some guys down at the local, wearing a french cuff shirt with a pair of jeans and no jacket, sure, but we don’t wanna be most guys, do we? No, we wanna be gentlemen, and a gentleman knows what not to do when it comes to french cuffs.

While were on the topic, lets talk about those cufflinks and what to match them with. Like most of your metal accessories, you should aim for matching them with the other metal in your outfit, so gold watch, gold tie pin, gold cufflinks, gold belt buckle. Hmm…jeez, maybe tone down on the gold a little there midas.

If you’re getting fancy and there is of course no reason not to get fancy, you can also pair the colours of your cufflinks with the colours of your outfit, thats simple enough. When it comes to novelty cufflinks, well, they take on the same rules as novelty ties and socks, when in doubt, dont do it.

Always be in doubt.

So to get you started on this new french cuff adventure here are some basics to get you going, I’ve picked some stuff from the David Donahue collection at Nordstrom because I think it’s well priced for the quality, and the last think you want is a cheap french cuff, don’t even get me started on cheap cufflinks.

Get the purple gingham shirt here

Get the blue striped shirt here

Get the white shirt here

Get the 9 squared silver cufflinks here

Get the sterling silver and blue cufflinks here

Get the gold knot cufflinks here

Okay. Stay fancy.

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